COOLEX High Efficiency High Static Fan Coil Units are highly efficient means of turning a water chiller,or hot water boiler into an efficient quiet air conditioning system with high performance,low power consumption, easy installation “and low noise operation for both commercial and residential applications.


Fan coil units are provided with the latest advanced technology to provide quiet, reliable performance.Chilled water coils are designed to give optimum heat transfer efficiency. Units casings designed to provide easy accessibility for Chilled water coil and unit fan deck.

Unit Construction

Fan Coil unit consists of a coil, motor/blower assembly and a drain pan securely mounted on heavy gauge galvanized steel housing.

Evaporator Coils
High heat transfer efficiency coils are built up of ripple finned seamless copper tubes and mechanically bonded to scientifically design louvered fins. The assembled coils are factory leak tested under water at a pressure of 350 psig for quality and leak free units.

Blower Assembly
The units are provided with new designed low speed and Wide impellers centrifugal fan which are statically and dynamically balanced, designed for low sound level operation.

Drain Pan
Drain Pan is constructed from a one piece painted galvanized sheet metal welded carefully to protect from leakage. The insulation shall be special designed to be perfect

Blower Motor
Motors are of permanent split capacitor type of maximum efficiency and minimum noise with permanently lubricated, sealed sleeve bearings. Smart construction design and insulation with good noise elimination effect make the unit most lowest noise level.

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