RA Air Handling Unit

COOLEX Eurovent Certified Modular Air Handling Unit design concept provides the flexibility to meet the rising demand of indoor air quality. The RA range can be manufactured to almost any configuration to meet customers’ requirements.

Increasing environmental pollution the quality of air that we breathe is of vital importance. Air-handling units are designed for essential features and sensitive installations of high-demanding air conditioning applications like hospitals, shopping mall, oil refineries, industries, electronic facilities, etc.Based on modularity and a flexible approach, the unique COOLEX Air Handling Unit allows you to choose the exact level of functionality required by a specific project. The modules are joined together and with all the functionalities contained in just one unit. Installation and maintenance, therefore, have never been seen so easier.Customized Applications Include:• Flexible Cabinet Sizing • Galvanized, Aluminium or Stainless Steel Panels with the various thickness such as 1.0, 1.2 &1.6 • Inner Painted GI Panels. • Selection of Drain Pan Materials. • Mixing Boxes / Economizers. • Multiple Coil Section Depths. • Integral face and By-Pass Dampers. • Variety of fans - Belt or Direct Drive, Forward or Backward curved or Aerofoil , Plug Fans. • Motors – Standard and Energy Efficient (Eff1/Eff2) • Humidifier and De-Humidifier sections. • Filters – Flat Filters, Bag Filters, Hepa Filters • Digital Controls • Optional Accessories – View Port, Hinge Door, Lights, etc


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